Dispel the Rumor

Help Chief Umano dispel superstitious rumors of dragons inhabiting the Swamp of Wyrms... er, Sunsaya Marsh.
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Welcome to our little town of Glimmermoor, traveler!

I trust you've taken in some of the sights our marshlands have to offer? The many-splendored flowers and vines, the rich smell of loam, the myriad creatures who roam our lands by day and night?

But I bet you don't know what these marshlands are REALLY called. Can you guess? Sunsaya Marsh. That's the PROPER name. Not all this crap about Dragonswamp, or Swamp of Wyrms -- pure poppycock, concocted by superstitious naifs!

I mean -- I mean -- where's the EVIDENCE?! Where the massive dragon carcasses? Where the scales, the skulls and bones? What, pray tell, do they eat? BAH! I can't stand idiots. I demonstrate their errors at every turn, and yet somehow rumors persist, lies and falsehoods spread... A well-traveled and important personage such as yourself must surely understand...

So listen. I'm actually the Chieftain of this little village, and I have a dream: that one day Glimmermoor will be the center of a new and robust trading empire! I'll DREDGE the swamp, build a shining new city! Merchants and artists, lords and ladies will flock to us! Sunsaya Marsh will be the ENVY of the WORLD!

But every war is won in the hearts and minds first... and I MUST dispel these baseless rumors about dragons! I want you to be my eyes and ears... Go and talk to the people, and wherever you hear tell of ignorance and stupidity, report these rumors directly to me. I want to know EXACTLY what the boneheads around here are thinking, the better to defeat them... Do this for me, and I promise, you will reap the benefits of helping a true visionary like myself.
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