What's new in version 3.8.0

  • 10Jan
  • UPD33 Update Info (v3.8.0.2)

    1. Notes:
    - The Winter Solstice event is now over.
  • 03Jan
  • The Tier-5 drop rate will be doubled in the Frostwind Keep dungeon for one week only.
  • 22Dec
  • UPD33 Update Info (v3.8.0.1)

    1. New Game Feature

    New Dungeon: The Distorted Demesne

    - The initiator of all this evil has been discovered! Luclir, the high priest of the Discord Daisauros, is the one who first infected his brethren, turning them into Disturbed Daisauros. Now desperate to save his hide, this villain has summoned the Tuzhindkriist... Oh, don't ask what that is. You might not want to face it if you knew...

    2. Notes:

    - The Winter Solstice event will be over in 3 weeks.
    - Bond: Tuzhindkriist will be available in the Gold Chest in the Lottery for one week only.
  • 13Dec
  • UPD33 Update Info (v3.8.0.0)

    1. New Game Content:

    Festival: Winter Solstice

    - A Celebration of Ice

    Once upon a time, there was a two-faced goddess with an unpredictable personality. Sometimes, she looked as sweet as a flower, while at other times, she turned cold as ice.
    Want to know who she is and what can she do? Go to Crismas Land and find her.
    A new boss and new armor are hidden in a new dungeon you don't want to miss!

    - Frost Tuzhindkriist, a legendary mount, can only be obtained from the Lavish Solstice Present.

    New Game Features:

    Manaprisms & Protectors

    - A mysterious Machine Civilization that existed thousands of years ago disappeared due to an unknown disaster. The engineers of this civilization discovered a kind of energy in the strongest creatures in the world. They called the sources of this energy "Manaprisms." Find the mysterious engineer in Greenmont and begin a quest to learn more about the power of these items and the Manaprism Protectors in Haradon.

    Limited-Time Sales

    - Now you can get great items at affordable prices in Nick's Shop through a new feature! Check it out now!

    Business Skill: T6 Gear

    - Crafting T6 gear with your Business Skill is now available!

    - Two brand-new raw materials have been found on Polynia Island that can be used to create some of the most powerful gear yet!

    2. Polish:

    Dungeon Finder: Quick Entry

    - Just can't get enough members to wipe out a dungeon? Well, now you can jump into select dungeons with as few as 2 players for some fast action!

    - Supported Dungeons:

    Knahswahs Prison (Normal)
    Relic's Key (Normal)
    Young Deity's Realm (Normal)
    Sailen: The Lower City (Normal)
    Sailen: The Palace (Normal)
    Eidolon's Horizon (Normal)

    Lottery Chest Reward Updates

    - We've updated all the rewards for 3 Chest types. Enjoy!

    New Wheel of Fortune Rewards

    - Tons of new items have been added to the Wheel of Fortune!

    3. Notes:

    - The Winter Solstice event will be over in 4 weeks.