What's new in version 4.1.0

  • 13June
  • UPD36 Update Info (v4.1.1)

    1. Festival: The 6th Anniversary of Order and Chaos is approaching!

    To celebrate this grand event, Nick, the most successful businessman in Haradon, plans to hold a no-holds-barred brawl -- a fighting contest for the ages. Warriors and scrappers from every corner of Haradon are arriving to prove themselves. Among them, the two most promising competitors are Goosasaurus from Mirror Wave Lake, and Bruce the Boxing Kangaroo from South Pearl Beach. Do you dare challenge them...?

    - 3X-Value Package: Limited-Time 6th-Anniversay Package, including a Lavish 6th-Anniversary Package and additional Gems! You can buy this only once per day!

    2. Note:
    - The 6th-Anniversary celebrations will be over in 4 weeks.
    - The Dia dos Namorados event is now over.
  • 08June
  • UPD36 Update Info (v4.1.0)

    1. New Game Content

    New Game Features:

    Festival: Dia dos Namorados (Brazil's Valentine's Day)

    Cupid's arrow strikes again -- for one week only!

    -Box o' Love: A new package in Nick's Shop contains some special local products from Brazil. You've got one week to pick it up!

    Season 4 is coming!!!

    -The new PvP season has already begun. Brave warrior, polish your weapons and get ready for battle!

    New Talent Balancing
    For more details about the new class balance please check the post from May 30 on our official Facebook page ( www.facebook.com/orderandchaosonline ).