[Update 27] New Features change log

  • 14 Dec, 2015
  • The winter update for O&C Online is coming on 15th (iOS) / 16th (Android) December! Here's the changes and features that the update will bring.

    New Game Content

    Festival: Winter Festival & New Year

    Get in the christmas festive around Haradon with a new mount, toys, and also new time-limited quest for every one!
    Harriney will told you how to enter new festival map, you can find him at the Observer's Market. (Live 22nd December)

    Royal System

    A new VIP-system is now here! Get progressively higher Royal ranks and obtain priviledges like New Achievements, Free Daily Resurrection, Special Daily Quest, Special Daily Bonus, Royal Discount, Change Name Colors, Royal Market and Royal Class Skill.

    Royal Level: There are 15 different Levels, you can get exciting rewards when you reached each one of them.
    Free Daily Resurrection: When your character becomes Royal 2 or more, you can have a chance to get a free resurrection once every few hours.
    Royal discount in Nick Shop: When you get Royal 5 or more, you can have more discount when you purchase items in Nick Shop.
    Royal daily quests: We provide some special quest for players in which they can receive different rewards everyday according to their Royal Level by talking to Clery in Greenmont, he is looking for brave and strong warriors.
    Royal name color: If you are a Royal player you can change the color of your Name, Guild and also Title. We provide three colors for you Blue for Royal 5, Purple for Royal 9, and Gold for Royal 13.
    Royal Shop: You can buy different rare items from Royal Shop via your Royal level, even Vanity Gown. Tons of Rare Gears, Pets, Mounts and Gown is waiting for you.
    Royal Class Skill: Some cool spell will be appear in your Life Skill when you reached certain Royal levels.

    Note: Rune purchases made after August 2014 up to the update going live will also be counted towards the accumulation of Royal Levels

    New Boss - Surma: The demoness who was instigator of the riot in Knahswahs Jail, now rumoured to be hiding somewhere in Haradon's deepest dungeons. (Live mid-January).

    New Amusement Park equipments

    Game Polish

    A Safer Place: New NPC called Mid Cao, he will teach you a cool way to survive in Haradon.
    Newborn Gift: A classic mount into Newborn Gift, now every new players can get it for help when travelling on Haradon.
    Tips: Reworded old tips and also added new tips.
    Chat Channel: We polish chat channel for easier to improve use experience of channel sparation function.
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UnFunBoy wrote:
Why doesn't OAC for Windows get these updates? There are so many cool things on the other versions that we miss out on, like the new mounts, pets, dungeons, we don't have Flame Knights and miss out on such cool gear. We spend lots of money on runes as well and love the game and would love to see the awesome things that this game has added and has to offer.
23.12.2015, 23:33
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