Set Your Rival Guild and Let the Guild Battle Begin!

  • 4 Feb, 2016
  • The adventure in Order & Chaos Online continues! Update 28 will include a major addition to the Guild feature – Rival Guilds.


    This feature enables the Guild leaders to set other Guilds on the same server and platform as their "Rival" or "Allied" Guild, which will increase the social aspects of the Guilds and encourage players, old and new, to find and join Guilds all around Haradon!


    Here's a brief overview of how it works:


    1. This feature requires Guild Level 2 or higher to be activated.
    2. Guild leaders can set their Allied and Rival Guilds in the "Guild Diplomacy" tab.
    3. They can send invitations to other guilds to be ALLIES or RIVALS; the invitation will be sent to the invited Guild's Guild Mailbox.
    4. The Guild leader of the invited Guild has 24 hours to ACCEPT or REFUSE the invitation (if 24 hours have elapsed, the system will default to "REFUSE").
    5. When the offer has been accepted, the world of Haradon for all members of the two Guilds will change accordingly.
    6. You may withdraw an invitation to another Guild – but it costs 1,000 Hero Emblems.



    If Guilds are ALLIED


    1. Any Guild can have up to 3 Allied Guilds.
    2. When Guilds are Allied, members of the Guilds CANNOT attack each other, even in PvP zones (does not apply to Arenas and Battlefields).
    3. The Allied relationship between Guilds is independent of other Guilds (e.g. If Guild A is Allied with Guild B AND Guild C – Guild B and Guild C will not be considered Allied by default unless they both decide to become Allied Guilds themselves).


    If Guilds are RIVALS (then things get interesting)


    1. Guilds can have ONE rival Guild ONLY (e.g. If Guild G and Guild K are Rivals, both Guilds cannot set another Guild as their Rival Guild, but can still set Allied Guilds).
    2. Rival Guilds lasts 7 days calculated from the time of Acceptance.
    3. For members of Rival Guilds, the entire world of Haradon, except Greenmont and Flare Island, will become PvP zones.
    4. Members of Rival Guilds therefore can attack each other whenever they meet outside those areas, unless the players' level difference is greater than 10.
    5. The inability to attack players of Level 69 and lower in regular PvP zones still applies to Rival Guilds.
    6. When a member of a Rival Guild kills a player from the other Guild, their Guild score will increase by 1. Try to beat the other Guild's score!


    Watch other pairs of Rival Guilds battle it out on the Guild Battle Board – can your guild become the most feared Guild in Haradon?

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