What's new in version 4.2.3

  • 10Aug
  • UPD37 Update Info (V4.2.1)

    1. New Game Content

    New Game Features:

    Summer Carnival:
    The sun! The surf! The sand! Are you ready to debut your swanky new bathing suit? You won't want to miss this summertime adventure -- and be sure to bring your friends!

    New Dungeon:
    Previously assumed dead, the Mad Professor Orichalcum has suddenly appeared in Haradon! His failed experiment ruined his homeworld and claimed the lives of millions... but he's ready to try again. Rumors say the Professor is building a secret laboratory that houses disastrous experiments and terrible machines... He must be stopped before he unleashes another catastrophe! But where could his laboratory be...?
    Go up against TWO bosses in Orichalcum's lab, and nab the chance to get T7 equipment by defeating them!

    New Armor:
    S4 Miscellaneous items and T7 armors are yours to wear! The best offense is a good defense!

    New Weapons:
    S4 weapons are waiting for you to claim them!

    Skills Rebalanced

    Monk -- Divine
    Cooldown of Divine Cure, Power Infusion, Angel's Wing: Decreased to 60 seconds

    Monk -- Martial
    Fierce Dragon casting time: 3 -> 1 sec

    Warrior -- Bloodseeker
    Will to Fight: Restores 1.5% HP per second when HP is lower than 30% -> Restores 1% HP per second when HP is lower than 40%

    Mage -- Elemental
    Lightning Revenge casting time: 4 -> 5 seconds

    Flame Knight -- Blazer
    Crown of Flame's Power cost: 40 -> 35

    Flame Knight -- Garrison
    Holy Light's Power cost: 40 -> 35

    Ranger -- Assassin
    Max HP loss per second from Violet Mist: 6,000 -> 8,000

    Chat Channel: All content will be shown in the same area, no matter which channel it originated from.
    Tap the icon on the LEFT to speak in the chat channel. HOLD the icon to stop chatting.

    Manaprisms: New forms of Manaprisms have been discovered! Find them in Nick's Shop!

    2. Note:
    - The Summer Carnival will be over in 4 weeks.